Corsodyl Daily Complete Protection Mouthwash

Corsodyl Daily Complete Protection Mouthwash

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New Corsodyl Complete Protection goes beyond an ordinary mouthwash. It brings together the expertise behind our advanced gum mouthwash with all you need to help keep our teeth strong, giving you the 8 benefits for healthier gums and stronger teeth. Use twice daily in combination with toothbrushing.

8 Specially designed benefits for healthier gums & stronger teeth:

    • Cavity protection with fluoride
    • Added fresh breath protection
    • Protects the gum seal
    • Scientifically proven to keep gums healthy
    • Strengthens enamel
    • Works between the teeth
    • Kills plaque bacteria that brushing leaves behind
    • Cleans along the gum line

How to use

Always follow the label directions. Directions for use: Use twice daily. Measure 10ml and rinse for 1 minute then spit out.